Some fake sneakers can be recognized immediately, others not so easily. The number of people benefiting from the sale of fake sneakers is large, as is the range of “quality” of the fakes. When your replica sneakers lack one of the three stripes, the replica logo looks like a hangover or the waffle sole of your Vans are flimsier than the food itself, it’s pretty obvious you’re dealing with a fake.

But what should you do if at first glance the sneakers look identical to the ones you’ve been watching on various sneaker sites for weeks? Let’s take it step by step.

Shoe packaging

Your suspicion might grow even before your face-to-face encounter with the new pair. The box itself can be very telling of authenticity. If there are signs of damage, use or something grabs your attention at first glance, it’s best to investigate.

Your shoes arriving in a box is a good sign in and of itself. It’s much worse if your sneakers unexpectedly arrive wrapped in a few pieces of paper, or even a plastic bag. Some stores do offer shoe delivery without the box, but these are specific cases that you should be made aware of before the final click of your order.